Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More Than A Freezer

What's this? A triumphant return to blogging?

Nope. Just re-posting this for work.

More Than A Feeling cover

Monday, January 24, 2011

The other 65% is delicious.

Mmmmm... soft tacos.

Major Developments (Two of 'em)

Forgive me blogfather, I’ve sinned. It’s been six months since my last confession…

During my half-year respite from blogging, a few things have happened. Two of these happenings can fairly be categorized as “life changing.”

  1. On Friday, October 29th, Emily and I moved into a house. A proper home with walls, a ceiling, a tiny driveway, an attic, and a yard. Our little castle is nestled in the burgeoning metropolis of West Hartford, Connecticut. It’s almost been three months now, and I’m not at all sick of it yet.

    I feel very adult. I’ve already partaken in several of those key chores/pleasures that come with homeownership (though in fairness, we don’t own anything, and we won’t for quite some time):

    • On our second day in the house, I had to do some amateur plumbing. I plumbed like a pro thanks to the expertise of a friendly Home Depot employee and his “How Bathtubs Work 101” crash course.
    • I’ve assembled approximately 100 pieces of IKEA furniture. Honestly, I think those Swedes have a bad rap; I thought the directions were pretty clear. Then again, I’m smarter than most folks.
    • We hosted our first holiday. Thanksgiving 2010 will forever be remembered as the day that the Schaibles rocked it Pilgrim style. Emily made dinner; it was awesome. My folks, niece, Emily’s brother and dad all came, and if you discount my niece’s clinically diagnosed anti-socialism, it was a resounding success.
    • I cleaned the gutters. If this doesn’t sound blog-worthy to you, then you just don’t understand. I had to buy a ladder. I had to climb it. I had to fish out a load of nasty while every time the wind blew, I feared I was going to plumet. This was no menial task. But it’s done. I am now a man.
    • I hung Christmas lights. Only two strands this year (due to fiduciary restraints), but mark my words neighbor across the street: Your little polar bear display was nice and all, but the Schaibles will have the most festive house on the street. You can take that to the bank.
    • I took the Christmas lights down. That’s right, the lights came down before Spring Training. I’m not that guy.
    • I’ve painted. I painted a nursery…

  2. Which brings us to the second life-changing happening: I’m going to be a DAD. Emily is due June 26th. At last, I am going to have someone to play with. Since it’s so damn hard to make friends, I’ve decided to breed some.

    If you’re interested, Emily’s personalities participated in a pregnancy Q&A session earlier this month.

Some pretty major developments, eh? I'll cut this post off there with every intention to return and blog more in the near future.