Sunday, August 1, 2010

He didn't.

Look you’ve already paid. Your money is as good as mine. I could come out for two minutes, and shit myself on stage. I’m still getting paid. You’ve taken that chance.

Emily surprised me with Louis C.K. tickets as a one-year anniversary gift. Pretty cool, right? It was unexpected since when I saw he was touring and suggested we go, she said, “nah” (she’d already bought the tickets).

Anyways, we capped off a very eventful day (see below) by driving down to Newport, barely making it after I wolfed down a chicken parm in approximately eight minutes. He was hilarious – the perfect combination of masturbation humor and stories about his two daughters (usually separate topics).

Over the last few months, Emily and I have seen several of our favorite comics live. We saw Ricky Gervais late last year, Jerry Seinfeld in May, Conan O’Brien a few weeks back, and now Louis C.K.

It’s nice to have a chuckle.

A couple other weekend tidbits:
  • On Saturday, the wife and I met with a real estate agent for the first time. It went well… I mean she didn’t take one look at us, say “not today you ain’t,” and send us away laughing.
  • Watched Following, Christopher Nolan’s 1998 neo-noir debut. Two word review: real good… It’s easy to see Nolan’s somewhat raw talent and his fondness for non-linear storytelling. I have seen 6 of his 7 movies, and thus far he’s got a 100 percent Schaible approval rating. I need to see Insomnia.
  • I started reading The Girl Who Played with Fire… Damn Steig Larsson. Dude has completely thrown off my reading list, pushing other stuff off until later.
  • The other big Sunday event was the Red Sox-Tigers game, with Emily, Alex (her brother), and Bruce (her dad). We had, I am not exaggerating, the greatest seats ever. Right behind home plate, six rows back, right next to a scout from the Phillies. I was pleased.

Side note: While Emily and I were chatting up the scout, the dude (who is rocking his 2008 World Series ring, mind you) peppered my wife with questions about her job. Think about how cool that is: this guy, who may have the most awesome job in the world, is interested in what she does… He didn’t ask about my job.

In other news… I like ellipses.


  1. Gervais, Seinfeld, Conan, Louis CK... who was funniest?

  2. That's a tough one.

    Probably Conan... he had me in tears.

    Gervais and Louis C.K. are too close to call.

    Seinfeld probably brings up the rear, but he was still REALLY funny.

  3. I watched Following recently, too! I loved it. Though I don't think I would have like it as much had I not seen & loved Inception first - I just especially geeked out when the thief's name was "Cobb" (like Leo in Inception) and he used the line, "Everyone had a box." Supreme flip out by myself on my couch.