Friday, July 30, 2010

"Hate List"

In Emily’s last (ever?) blog post, she shared her “hate list.”

Since imitation in the sincerest form of flattery, here is my list:

  • The collective works of Tyler Perry.
  • “Shirts and skins.” Dude, you’re all sweaty and you’re posting up. I have zero interest in guarding you and having my shirt sop up all your nastiness. Pop a shirt on.
  • Religion as driving force behind violence, bigotry, or as an obstacle to science/logic.
  • Skinny jeans + dudes.
  • That people dismiss all the good in Rocky V, just because Sly’s son wines for most of the movie. Fast forward all the scenes with the kid and I promise you, it’s the best 35-minute movie around.
  • The New York Jets.
  • Writing unique cover letters.
  • People who clap at movie theatres.
  • Captchas. You know those stupid challenge-response tests that are required on sites all over the place? I understand their purpose, but it always takes me multiple tries. I hate them.
  • Car mechanics.
  • Drivers with dogs in their laps.
  • The way my wife swoons whenever Tim Riggins brushes the hair from his face.

And last but definitely not least, my biggest pet peeve. It absolutely drives me nuts…

  • When people say that they “could care less.” Really? So you care then. Good, I’ll continue telling you my five-year plan for fantasy baseball keeper league dominance.

    Oh, you don’t care? I’ll shut up then… it’s “COULDN’T care less” people! I am 100 percent certain that the world would be a better place if we all remembered this.

(Yeah... that's two blog posts in one day. So what? I'm a blogging machine).


  1. I really hate people who clap in movie theaters as well. The stars aren't THERE to hear your applause, freaks.

    Although there have been times during a movie that is totally cathartic and you just yelp or clap in excitement involuntarily. Like, especially on opening night when you're in a theater filled with fellow Iron Man nerds or... What? I never do that...

  2. I could care less about this list.