Friday, July 30, 2010

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I’ll keep this brief because I don’t have anything new to add to the discussion; the Stieg Larsson thriller is a NY Times bestseller and, as is so often the case, I was late to the party…

“How can you be sure of that?”
“Because this isn’t some damned locked-room mystery novel …”

The mystery is rather conventional: murder, isolated area, a wealthy/eccentric family with skeletons in the closet, etc. The characters were not, with Lisabeth Salander -- kick-ass rebel heroine and gothic symbol of female empowerment -- and the twisted Vanger clan leading the charge.

As advertised, it’s an addictive, "I-can’t-put-this-down-before-I-finish" novel, but it’s worth today’s morning drowsiness.

I give it 4-out-of-5 Schaibles.


  1. I was hesitant to pick up this bestseller (c'mon "Eat Pray Love" was a bestseller...) but the cover art drew me in, plus the fact that it was Swedish. And I totally loved it as well; the translation of the first book is a bit rough at parts - but the sequel is even better! More Lisbeth.

    The film version of this book is great (Swedish, obviously) - and the woman they got to play Lisbeth is almost too perfect for the role. The description physically and personality-wise is dead on.

    (PS You're on a good blogging roll! Woo!)

  2. @jessica: I'm pretty sure I'll have to wait until Emily gets through the book before we see the film.

    Nobody tell her it has subtitles.