Monday, April 27, 2009

Jeff’s Movie Review: The Soloist

A welcome interruption to Emily’s weekend-consuming NFL Draft marathon, we went to see The Soloist yesterday morning, a movie we’ve been waiting months for. Our expectations were high since Emily dubbed this preview, the “perfect trailer.”

I liked The Soloist more than most triumph-over-adversity movies. Probably because it’s based on a true story and feels more believable than most. While it skirted the clichés of underdog sentimentality, it ultimately reached a realistic conclusion... not necessarily the one everyone hopes for.

Jamie Fox and Robert Downey Jr. we’re brilliant, as you’d expect. But I thought the directing was pretty terrible (it must be since I noticed it). Joe Wright made some interesting choices, including a pigeon montage and a minute-plus technicolor light show. Both scenes irritated me.

The Soloist, to me, felt like a movie made with the express purpose of winning awards. It won’t. While it came up short, I think it succeed in its gritty reality and sensitivity to the horrors of mental illness.

3 “Schaibles”

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