Friday, April 24, 2009

A Bad Movie Comes to Life

A few months back, while Emily and I were visiting my folks, my father was watching one of his typically terrible movies: The Best of Times, a 1986 football (comedy?) starring Robin Williams and Kurt Russell.

Williams plays Jack Dundee, a dorky thirty-something banker who’s obsessed with the moment he dropped a perfectly thrown pass in the final seconds of a 1972 football game against the school’s arch-nemesis. Thirteen years later, a bunch of old men gather and play a muddy rematch in front of a frenzied crowd. I won’t spoil the result.

So why am I bringing this up? Because minutes ago, I saw this on Easton, Pa., and Phillipsburg, N.J., schools to settle score from 1993 tie game.

There will be no ties this time around. They're even breaking a century-old Turkey Day tradition, all in the name of who gets the bragging rights from that night so many years ago.

The players are now grown men in their early 30s. Hair is starting to turn gray, and waistlines have expanded. Some are family men, and most have full-time jobs. They had eight weeks to get back in game shape, and most jumped at the chance…

Gatorade, the sports beverage company, announced that it was organizing a replay: the same players, same coaches and the same field. NFL stars Peyton and Eli Manning will serve as honorary coaches for the rival teams. Ten thousand tickets to the game were sold in 90 minutes.
Yes, they are playing a full-contact game. Ridiculous. It’s all fun and games until some old fart cracks his hip.

Apparently, if you’re interested in watching this spectacle (at 3pm on Sunday), footage of the game will be available on


  1. I'd like a do-over on my eighth-grade cheerleading competition. We soooo should have been in the top three. I'll start stretching out now...

  2. I know a few girls from high school I wouldn't mind having a second chance with....

  3. I just saw the Married: With Children Episode where they rehashed an old football game too. So basically, the way to make this matchup perfect is to have circa-1995 Christina Applegate there. Everyone wins.

  4. i can't wait for this. go to the website at the bottom of the article and watch the trailer on the main page. should be exciting! because, really, what else are you doing? nobody's watching the boring end of the NFL draft.