Sunday, April 19, 2009

An Apology to My Friends.

Disclaimer: I re-read this before posting, it’s very emo. Consider yourself warned.

Spoke to Zach tonight for nearly an hour on the phone. We caught up; it was nice. But it left me feeling slightly guilty.

One of my two notable college roommates at Northeastern (several are not worthy of noting), Zach will be in my wedding party in a couple months. I consider him one of my closest friends. We’ve probably spoken five times in the last year.

Another groomsman, Mike, is my high school best friend. We were kind of inseparable from ages 6 to 17. Over the last eight years, we probably speak, on average, two to three times per year. Again, one of my best friends.

The other college roommate, Steve, is my Best Man. My communications with Steve are almost exclusively via email… which is fine… but regrettably sporadic. He’s my Best Man and I haven’t the slightest idea what’s going on in his sunny Florida world.

I’ve never been particularly great at keeping in touch with people. A quick look at my cell phone’s dialed and received call log for the last month is littered with just two entries… “Emily” and “Parents.” That’s kind of pathetic, I know.

So that guilty feeling I mentioned… I kind of feel like I’m a below-average friend.

It’s not intentional; I’m not trying to slight or disrespect them in anyway, it probably has more to do with my debilitating laziness or my aversion to socialization (inherited from my father).

In summation: I'm sorry. Gentleman, I don’t talk to you often but you’re my best and closest friends. We should talk more.

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