Friday, February 27, 2009

Fun With Google Analytics

I know all you Search Engine Optimization savants out there can appreciate this…

I just logged into my Google Analytics account and took at my traffic sources report. My blog has been found for the following keywords:

  • “schaible” died friday “january 30, 2009”
  • “stop requesting strawberry fields”
  • b.o.b. lyrics “only i can get away with something like this”
  • jeff retro – it ain’t me
  • johnny damon
  • meryl streep
  • lex luger slammed yokozuna
  • pflugerville tickles me
And someone who searched “high pitched strawberry bruise song” spent almost ten minutes on the site, visiting four pages.

It just so happens I did in fact optimize for each of these terms.

Anyone interested in how I became an SEO genie should brush up on my former employer, Einstein Industries. I love that disgruntled employees SEO’d the shit out of this. My favorite comment:

“work environment - The video department was chill, dark and gloomy just like your heart after you work there for a couple months.”

And for the record, none of these comments are from me. I got out before it went to hell.

Lastly, I’d like to thank my loyal reader in Bangalore, India who has visited the blog four times this month. Apparently I have international appeal.

Speaking of SEO... if happen to be looking for Fiberlite Carbon Fiber Rotors, there you go.

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