Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Underinformed: The Top 40 Songs of 2008

Look, I’m no music expert; far from it. Those of you that know me have witnessed me struggle through some truly terrible phases. So in the interest of full disclosure, before I tell you what are the definitive Top 40 songs of 2008, here are some of my notable crimes perpetrated against my ears (and the ears of those around me).
  • The first CD I ever owned was the Lion King soundtrack. Yep. Someday Rolling Stone is going to interview a Rock God. Asked about his or her influences, they’ll respond “well Hakuta Matata had a profound influence on my development… as a person and an artist.” Until that day, I’ll hang my head in shame.
  • My first concert: Remember Kriss Kross? It was a surprise. When we pulled into the parking lot, my friend and I quickly turned our hats, shirts and pants around. We were totally krossed out!
  • In high school, I listened to a lot of oldies music… particularly Frank Sinatra. Now I still listen to Frank but as Emily (my fiancée) has since pointed out, it has taken me ten years to work my way up to the present day.
  • During my sophomore year in college, my HS girlfriend and I split. This spawned two regrettable music phases:
  1. Simple Plan – Zach & Steve, I still want to know how that CD got snapped in half. Fess up!
  2. Disturbed / System of a Down – I got down with the sickness. This was a short-lived, ill-contrived “Jeff is a bad ass phase.”
Once Emily and I moved to San Diego things changed. Listening to music was the only thing that made writing page after page about personal injury lawyers tolerable. My co-workers were an eclectic group and introduced me to all sorts of new tunes.

So that brings us to the purpose of this post. I know everyone wants to know what I thought of the music scene last year. So here we go… my top 40 (in countdown style).


  1. When did you stop dressing like Kris Kross? Is that phase gonna stop?

  2. The Lion King soundtrack kicked ass.