Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Few Quick Observations (On Texas)

Greetings from Texas!I’m in Austin, Texas for work. So I thought it would be apropos to mention a couple things I’ve noticed thus far.
  1. At the Dallas/Ft. Worth airport, there is a big Dallas Cowboys pro shop. Out front there was a cardboard cutout of Adam “Pacman” Jones. That struck me as amusing.
  2. In between Austin and Round Rock, Texas (where my hotel is), there is a city called Pflugerville. This tickles me; perhaps I’m simple.
  3. I’ve never seen so many pickup trucks in my life.
  4. This is my third day in Texas… I’ve yet to find a decent indie or alternative rock station on the radio. One station was playing GNR’s “Better.” That’s the closest I got.
  5. Speaking of the radio, I’ve happened upon a lot of unfunny comedy.
    • Exhibit A: Yesterday, one station I was tuned in to did a prank phone call. The host was telling a woman that her car was low on blinker fluid. HA! It’s funny because stereotypically, women don’t know cars. Hilarious, right?
    • Exhibit B: This morning there was snippet from a local comic’s set last night (I didn’t catch his name). He did a couple side-splitting minutes on brunches. “Ya. That’s just what I want. Get up early on a Sunday and have an asparagus omelet… Give me some ham and eggs. Right?” Not really why he’s called a comic.
  6. Gas prices here are the same they were in Central Massachusetts. About $1.70 a gallon.
  7. Obama Fever has not swept Texas. The class watched yesterday’s inauguration during an extended break. It’s a small class (six including the instructor). The instructor (from Oregon), a girl from Toronto and I stayed and watched. Two locals left immediately. The only other guy in the class stayed and proceeded to scoff throughout Obama’s speech. I restrained myself.
  8. And this one is for Steve… the following letter appeared in today’s Austin American-Statesman:
The liberals did it
The liberal left in Washington screamed about how bad the economy is for so long that they managed to convince enough of the unlearned and uneducated to vote for its people. We now have a very left-leaning administration and congress, and the only thing I hear them saying about the economy is more stimulus, which means higher taxes, and reforming Social Security, which means the old, sick and disabled will pay for the left’s stupid judgment. The left can claim to be for the little man all it wants, but its actions speak much louder.

Daniel Younger


  1. Jeff, please return to Emily as a major shareholder in a Midland Oil Refinery. And wear a cowboy hat and alligator skin boots, too.

    And yes, I love the right wing crying that's going on right now. Their tears give me strength.

  2. Is this the same Jeff Schaible from this AP story,, seen there at the bottom? Wow.

  3. Zach,

    That $45 T-Shirt faded to hell the first time I washed the thing!